On Concentration

When recording an audiobook – or indeed working on any other kind of narration or Voiceover recording, particularly if you’re working remotely from your personal recording space, then it’s vital that the technical side of things runs itself so that you can forget about it and concentrate on your performance.

If you haven’t got faith in your equipment and set up, then how can you hope to give your best performance?

If you’re worrying about your recording space or your settings – or if you’re concerned that you’re making too many errors, taking too many noisy breaths, are having mouth noise issues – if you’re thinking about anything other than what you’re actually READING, then these wandering thoughts will make it impossible for you to fully connect with the text and to give a memorable and compelling performance.

Voicing anything, particularly an audiobook, calls for immense concentration. If your mind wanders then the listener’s attention will also wander – they’ll hear the difference in your voice and will know that you’re simply ‘not present’. 

Take a break now and then if you find you’re on automatic pilot. Refocus, regroup – then get back in there with 100% concentration. You know it makes sense!