My rates for VO and other voice work are based on Equity rates where applicable and on widely accepted industry average rates for work that has no Equity agreement. I am happy to negotiate on a project by project basis and I will try to be flexible, especially for regular and repeat clients – so please do contact me to discuss your individual project.

I have invested in my career as an audiobook narrator and voice actor, not only through ongoing education, but also through investing in a high quality and well equipped personal recording studio. I have a thorough knowledge of my equipment, recording and editing software and produce audio recordings that are not only engaging and professional, but are technically clean and have the highest possible production values designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

​I believe that I should be adequately paid for this work; not only for the time I spend on a project, but also for my attention to detail and for the quality I produce and for my more than fifty years of experience as an actor, producer, director, voice actor and audiobook narrator.

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If you’d like to find out more – please get in touch.


Audiobooks are normally paid per finished hour (PFH) – a fixed amount, based on the running time of the finished audiobook.

For remote recording from my personal studio my rates range from £110 PFH to £350 PFH depending on whether I am working for a UK publisher, or a US publisher and on whether I am delivering raw audio for proofing and editing by the publisher, or a proofed and edited audiobook ready for release.

Any short read, e.g. pamphlet, preface or postscript, poetry, introduction or short story, is subject to my minimum of 1 hour PFH fee.

If a publisher prefers to pay per studio day – my rates for delivering an average of 3.5 to 4 hours of clean raw audio start at £500 per studio day excluding proofing and editing.

For longer and self published projects I am happy to negotiate a PFH – royalty share mix, but am unable to accept solely profit-share projects

General voiceovers

I do some general voice over work, e-learning, corporate and commercial work, and record drama, animation and gaming voices.

All these are booked via my agent, Suzy Wootton and rates are negotiated separately and are dependent on length, complexity and usage. All rates are based on Equity guidelines. Please contact Suzy for quotes and availability.


Director Sessions

£75 per hour one-to-one director sessions.

Narrator Coaching

A six-part, comprehensive  distance learning Course: Audiobook Narrator Coaching and Mentoring. This course comprises

  • A glossary of useful terms
  • Six sets of detailed and comprehensive course notes
  • Individual assignment texts for recording
  • Written feedback on each recording assignment
  • Five hours of one-to-one director sessions with me
  • A personal studio and technical review from audiobook engineer and award-winning audiobook editor, Michael Kitson
  • A half-hour long one-to-one voice coaching session with Speakeasy Voice and Accent Coach, Anita Gilbert. 


£510 or equivalent in your local currency. 

All these rates are current to 10th APRIL 2023.
I am not VAT registered.