Audiobook Narrator Coaching

Why? Narrator Coaching is different from VO Coaching

Everyone who works as a voice actor knows that there is a vast difference in the way in which a commercial read is delivered when compared with a documentary narration. Animation and video games call for different skills than radio drama or audiobooks.

There are specialist coaches for many different areas of voice work. I am a specialist in audiobook narration – and that is what I offer coaching in. Some of the skills I help with are of course transferable, but audiobook narration is what I know best.

I believe that if your aim is to dig deep and really hone your skill in any type of voice work, then it is well worth seeking a coach who is a specialist in that area.


My course is not for beginners. It is designed for narrators with some experience who want to raise their game – and for trained actors who would like to extend their work into audiobooks.


Written, comprehensive and thorough course notes with a selection of individual assignment texts and recording challenges, all of which I listen to, review and comment on with detailed feedback. We then work together in detail on excerpts and aspects of those assignment recordings.


This is a traditional home study course – the notes are extensive and detailed. They contain all the information the narrator needs to complete the recorded assignments. Once recordings are submitted for review, then we book an hour long one to one direction session on Zoom.

Why me?

There are lots of people offering voice coaching; there are even more offering VO coaching. The skills required in audiobook narration are very different from those demanded in gaming or commercials for example.

My acting training and background are invaluable in character creation and in storytelling: my experience in production helps me to understand what works aurally, how pacing, pause, emphasis and inflection add colour and texture, and I know how things should sound. My teaching and directing experience help me to inspire and encourage narrators to really commit to every project they undertake.

When you’re auditioning, or submitting for a job, you have only one chance to make a good first impression – so make it count!

I can help you to do that.

Behind the Voice

I love telling stories and get enormous satisfaction from sitting in a padded isolation booth talking to myself! Narration combines so many of the skills I have gained over the past fifty years I feel that I have come home. Based in the East Midlands, I sing in two local choirs, I enjoy my garden, my crazy dog Freddy, good food, and the company of friends and family.

The application process

This course is designed for trained actors and voiceovers wanting to extend their portfolio into audiobook narration and for experienced narrators with a body of work under their belt who want to improve their acting and narration skills and to develop their ability to self produce and to work remotely. Everyone expressing interest in the course will be invited to:

  • Complete a detailed questionnaire about their VO, acting and narration experience and their recording set up.
  • Send photographs of their personal recording space.
  • Record the supplied text following specific directions.
  • Return their recording, their completed questionnaire and studio photos via zipped email attachment, or via WeTransfer, Hightail or Dropbox transfer.
  • I review and evaluate all submission and send detailed feedback.

Successful applicants are invited to a short Zoom session so we can get to know each other before either of us make a firm commitment to work together.

How much does it cost?


The cost of the full course is £510.00 (or equivalent in your local currency based on exchange rates at the time of payment) with a minimum payment of two sessions in advance.


Pay in advance for the whole course and you’ll get one module free plus an extra one-to-one direction session via Zoom which you can trigger at any time within six months of completing the course.

I also offer individual one-to-one director sessions for experienced narrators (subject to availability). These slots must be reserved in advance with a minimum of 36 hours notice and the narrator should supply a copy of the text/s they wish to work on, along with brief outline of the storyline with a breakdown of the characters and any research notes for each piece. The price of a Zoom stand-alone director session of one hour is £65 with a discount for students who have completed the full coaching course.

Sterling payments are made via Bank Transfer. Payments in US Dollars or Euros can be made via Wise or PayPal. Foreign currency payments are based on the exchange rate on the date of payment

Want to find out more?

If this information has piqued your interest, please do get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this section. Once I receive your details, I will send you more information and an application form. Please note that in order to be considered for a place on the course, you must have access to high quality recording facilities. This course is not suitable for beginners. In order to ensure that everyone gets the personal feedback and attention to detail that they deserve, the number of people I can coach is limited and there may be a waiting list.

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