The Voice with Experience

Captivating – Mature - Velvety - British

An award-winning audiobook narrator, audiobook director and narrator coach

The Voice with Experience

I have spent the past half century (goodness … that long?) interpreting other people’s words as an actor, presenter voiceover and audiobook narrator – or in guiding others as a producer and director, or as an audiobook narrator coach.

If you’d like to hear more, want a custom read, or would like to check on my availability for an upcoming audiobook or voiceover project, please get in touch.

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If you’d like to find out more – please get in touch.


Bringing Stories to Life

Text is at the heart of everything I do, and I am passionate about words and their effect. My connection with the narrative and the characters in a book, helps bring it to life for the listener.

If you’re an author and would like to investigate how I can help you bring your latest work to audio, click below.

Specialist Narrator Coaching

Having someone who really understands what publishers and producers are looking for is invaluable. Bespoke audiobook narrator coaching helps narrators to refine and build on existing narration and acting skills. Narrators who have gone through the course have:

  • Increased their confidence to tackle the most challenging books
  • Booked more work
  • Are working with major publishers 

Find out how I can help you.

On The Blog

I have been writing articles on narration, audiobooks, acting, and other aspects of the industry for many years, and though this aspect has been somewhat neglected due to pressure of work, I manage to keep up a steady flow of articles, which I hope you will enjoy.

The Authentic Voice

Your voice is your voice … or is it? There is a lot of talk about ‘authenticity’ buzzing around at the moment. Just Google ‘Authentic

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On Concentration

When recording an audiobook – or indeed working on any other kind of narration or Voiceover recording, particularly if you’re working remotely from your personal

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Director Sessions

The responsibility for interpreting an audiobook, rests with the narrator. This can be daunting, especially if there are lots of characters or there is lots of complex information. Working with me on the first few chapters can help build confidence and give you a blue print to carry through the rest of your narration.

For large or small projects, sample reads or auditions – director sessions will support and give you confidence with your narration work.

Behind the Voice

I love telling stories and get enormous satisfaction from sitting in a padded isolation booth talking to myself! Narration combines so many of the skills I have gained over the past fifty years I feel that I have come home. Based in the East Midlands, I sing in two local choirs, I enjoy my garden, my crazy dog Freddy, good food, and the company of friends and family.